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Bullying Prevention

On November 4, 2012, the Anti-Bullying provisions from SB 116 took effect for all school districts in Ohio.  Canton Local Schools is proud to be implementing a highly regarded, nationally recognized, comprehensive prevention program entitled, Olweus Bullying prevention program.  

For schools adopting its curriculum, the Olweus program has four main leveled components.  Below are a few select activities for each level:

School level component
    •  Review and refine school’s supervisory system

 Classroom-level component
    •  Post and enforce school-wide rules against bullying

Individual-level component
    •  Intervene when bullying occurs and develop intervention plans for those involved in the incident

Community-level component
    •  Develop partnerships with community members to support the school’s anti-bullying messages

Bullying Prevention Program
According to Canton Local Board policy and HB 276, Bullying is defined as:
      •  Causing mental or physical harm to the other student AND
      •  Sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive that it creates an intimidating, threatening, or abusive educational environment for the other student
      •  Involves the same student, more than once 
      •  Intentional written, verbal, graphic or physical act

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