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Goal 6

Goal Area 6: Safety, Facilities and Finance

  • Engage a district committee to study challenging student behaviors/risk factors and their direct impact on classroom practice; review district anti-bullying policies and practices to ensure consistent implementation at each building and grade level.
  • Review all aspects of physical security throughout the district, including cyber security measures; consider changes to policy and application of best practice strategies; ensure consistent application of security protocols/procedures for district buildings and district events.
  • Establishment of a systematic maintenance plan for the district’s facilities and infrastructure so future maintenance needs may be (to the best of the district’s ability) organizationally and fiscally anticipated.
  • Publish and promote a series of simplified/community-friendly graphics to educate Canton Local Schools’ stakeholders and taxpayers more deeply on current and projected (future) expenditures; consistently communicate the district financial picture to provide an accurate portrayal of financial standing.