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Goal 2

Goal Area 2: Academic Achievement and Professional Development


  • Conduct a curriculum audit to assess all curricular offerings, both state-required content as well as extra-curricular offerings, to make sure students have access to multiple options. Advance the curriculum offerings with careful consideration of the infusion of a life-skills curriculum that offers financial literacy skills for all students; infuse additional foreign languages, if possible, into current class offerings for middle school or high school.
  • Continue to promote, define and implement direct pathways so students are provided with multiple opportunities to explore available careers beyond graduation, such as college/ university, career and technical education, military and other non-college preparedness opportunities; purposefully communicate a culture of high academic expectations no matter a student’s chosen pathway; ensure every student has a post-graduation plan before moving beyond Canton Local Schools.
  • Provide continuing professional development opportunities aimed at advancing effective teaching practices and the use of district technology that focuses on the utilization of technology as a transformative creation, advancement and connection tool; establish district-wide standards for best-practice instructional methods PreK-12; consider the use of outside resources and staff input prior to planning and implementing professional development.
  • Conduct a survey of the professional development needs of the staff to determine more effective use of this opportunity; create a list of opportunities staff are searching for in regards to their own personal and professional development to offer them more options and choices; allow external professional development opportunities as appropriate.
  • Provide professional development opportunities and extend training for staff members related to student social-emotional and mental health needs as well as their own need; provide mechanisms to address concerns as a result of this training.