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Wildcat Preschool
at H. R. Walker Elementary School
3525 Sandy Ave SE, Canton OH  44707 • 330-484-8020  

Canton Local Schools offers preschool education for those students who meet the eligibility. The Wildcat preschool program has received a Five-Star Step Up to Quality Award from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). This is the highest rating a preschool can receive.

The Wildcat Preschool program serves children who live in the Canton Local District.  All three and four-year-old children with and without developmental delays are eligible, with enrollment priority given to four-year-old children and those with identified disabilities.  Tuition is based on income eligibility and is often at no cost to parents. 

The preschool program includes free breakfast, lunch, and transportation to and from Walker Elementary School.

Class sizes are limited. Call 330-484-8022 for more information on qualification and registration.

The philosophy of the Stark County Educational Service Center and Wildcat preschool program is to provide opportunities for children to grow through a variety of experiences. It is our belief that every child can learn and that the preschool experience should be positive, enjoyable, and rewarding for children with and their families. We strive to build a strong foundation for future learning success through activities that are multicultural, play-based, and child-initiated.

Can any child sign up for preschool?
Yes, but we have a limited number of spots available for typically developing children and for students who would qualify for the Early Childhood Education Entitlement Program. Openings are available for children with disabilities, as well as those who do not speak English. The preschool can evaluate your child to determine if he/she is eligible as a child with a disability or as an English Language Learner. Please call 330.484.8020 to sign up your child.

What are the program hours and days?
Two sessions
Monday - Thursday
Morning 8:45 am - 11:55 am
Afternoon 12:35 pm - 3:45 pm

Where are the preschool classes?
Wildcat preschool classes are housed at Walker Elementary School at 3525 Sandy Ave SE, Canton Ohio 44707. Phone 330.484.8020.
How do I get my child evaluated for preschool?
If your child is typically developing and you do not suspect any type of disability, there is a screening once a year for the limited number of spots. This screening is held in April for students to attend the following school year. there is a sliding scale for tuition, and parents are asked to provide documentation of family income to determine eligibility. See Federal Poverty Guidelines for tuition information. If your child received Help Me Grow services, your Help Me Grow coordinator will assist you with the evaluation process, which starts with a transition meeting between Help Me Grow, the parents and the school district.

If you suspect your preschool-aged child has a disability, please call Victoria Hessey at 330-484-8022. If your child speaks a language other than English, or another language is spoken in the home, please call 330-484-8022 to determine if your child is eligible for preschool as an English Language Learner.  If your child is eligible, preschool is provided at no cost to you.

What do I need to do to have my child evaluated?
First, contact the preschool program to set up a screening at 330-484-8022. You will receive a call a few days after the screening, letting you know if a disability is suspected.  If the staff suspects a disability you will be called and a time for further evaluation will be set up.

What additional information is available, and what is required of me as a parent?
Immunizations and yearly physicals are required. Please see the Preschool Handbook for additional information. The district required the School Entrance Physical Examination, and the Ohio Department of Education required the Medical Form for Preschool Students. Forms are available to download below.