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Guidelines for Non Prescription Medication

If your child needs to take non prescription medication during the school day, please follow the following guidelines:

• Complete the Akron Children's Prescription Medication Administered at School (link here)

• Medication to be delivered to school by parent/guardian, not expired and in its original container.

• Tell the school as soon as possible if there is a change in the use of this medicine.

• Complete a new medicine form for this medicine if there are dose changes. If medication dosage does not match the instructions on original container, a healthcare provider order is required.

• If this medication is needed for greater than 4 consecutive days a healthcare provider order is required.


Any unused medication unclaimed by the parent will be destroyed by school personnel on the last day of school after the parent is notified or at the end of the school year. 

Any additional questions/concerns refer to the Canton Local District Handbook