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The Multi-County Juvenile Attention System (MCJAS) provides detention and rehabilitation services to the Juvenile Courts of four counties in northeast Ohio: Carroll, Columbiana, Stark and Wayne.  MCJAS treats juvenile, delinquent offenders and offers services to their families in such a manner as to strengthen both the youth and their family and strive to reduce the likelihood of the youth re-entering the criminal justice system.


The Mission of the Multi-County Juvenile Attention System is to provide innovative and quality services to the unruly, delinquent, dependent, neglected and abused children referred by Juvenile and Family Court Judges so they can return to their homes and families to earn, live and serve successfully in their communities.

Stark Attention Center

The educational program at the Stark Attention Center is provided by Canton Local Schools. The program is very strong and high standards are set for youth. These standards often result in youth being more successful than they are in traditional school. This is largely due to the ability to work one on one and the teachers who work diligently to make sure that each youth’s needs are met regardless of their grade level. A high premium is set on reading and the library at the center gets a lot of use. Youth especially enjoy the art class and their art projects can be seen displayed throughout the center.   

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