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Trump Elementary School

Trump School



Trump Elementary School was located on a 10.74 acre site at 511 Trump Avenue SE and served not only as the well spring of education for the students in that area, but also became the hub of activities of this rural industrial community. Trump Elementary mascot was the HAWKS.

The building, well maintained throughout its years, began in 1927 with four classrooms. In 1952, this original structure was modified to an eight-room structure with cafeteria dining room and kitchen facilities as well as an auditorium. Four more classrooms were added in 1953.

In 1961, the Arthur Halter Annex to Trump Elementary School was dedicated. This addition consisted of two classrooms with storage rooms, a library room, cafeteria storage including a walk-in cooler, custodial storage, work room and restrooms. Adequate storage space for school supplies was provided with this renovation.

To further the best education opportunities for the students, in 1974, a central library with space for reading tables and tutoring stations was added replacing the previous library which only housed the books and offered no area for reading or audio visual facilities.

Trump Elementary principals were devoted to the responsibility of providing excellent educational opportunities for the students they served. Mr. Amos McDannel served from 1927-1933; Mr. Hert from 1933-1938; Mr. Robert Slutz from 1938-1943; Mr. Arthur Halter from 1943-1960; Mr. Edward Palmer from 1960-1968; Mr. Robert Graham from 1968-1977; Mr. Ed Voshall from 1977-1980; Dr. Rosemary Johnson from 1980-1984; Mr. Merril McConnell, the last principal and half-time teacher, served until the building closed in 1984.

Trump Elementary Photos

Trump Elementary School Photo prior to closing in 1984