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Due to school closing, there will be no baseball activities during the week of 1/2714 to 1/31/14. Hitting and Conditioning/Lifting will resume Monday, Feb. 3. Mondays and Wednesdays all open hitting at McCall's. Tuesdays and Thursdays Conditioning and Lifting at CSHS. 
Hitting -- 2:45-3:30 PM Returning Letterman
               3:30-4:15 PM Non-Letterman
 2014 Pre-Season Parent/Player Meeting Monday, February 10 at CSHS 6:00 PM
  • The meeting is an important meeting to inform players and parent of upcoming dates, scheduling, fundraisers, and expectations. If you, the player or parent, cannot attend please let coach McIlvain know ASAP and we can arrange an alternate date, by phone or face-to-face. Coach McIlvain --, (330) 206-8098 
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Wildcat Baseball Mission Statement

The vision of the Canton South Wildcat baseball program is to relentlessly pursue and win the Northeastern Buckeye Conference. We intend to achieve this success through the practice of unwavering work ethic, character, confidence, and commitment towards our individual and team goals. The Wildcat Baseball Team has the talent and motivation to pursue and complete our journey to the top of the Northeastern Buckeye Conference, to the Ohio High School state playoffs and state championship.
The Canton South coaching staff has a goal in placing 100% of it's student/athletes in college to receive a higher education.

Being a high school student/athlete is a very rewarding experience. It helps prepare young men to be leaders, teammates and individuals. In addition, it creates an opportunity use their talent and skills to receive higher education; in some cases it creates scholarship opportunities. This section of our website is a resource to lead student/athletes to making decisions about , choosing a college, preparing for college and marketing yourself for collegiate athletic opportunities. The downloads linked below will help guide our Wildcat student/athletes through the college recruiting process. Please feel free to contact coach McIlvain with questions or help at any time.

It takes GAME to play college sports and be in the running for an athletic scholarship!

G:  Grades! Do you have the grades or test scores to gain admission to college?
A:  Ability! Do you, realistically, have the athletic skills that a college coach values?
M: Motivation! How hard are prepared to work to get a scholarship?
E: Exposure! Are you putting yourself in front of college coaches? Are you ready to market yourself to the college coaches?

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The recruiting timeline is a resource that provides a year-to-year checklist of things student/athlete's should follow in an effort to play college baseball. The website these resources were taken from is a great place to become informed about the process.
This introductory letter should provide relevant information about you and display your interest in the program. Use the format of this letter for ideas only. This letter should be as personal as possible. It can be sent via mail or email.
Again, this letter should be personal. It should include any relevant schedules (high school, summer, fall).
This sheet will help you get information that is generally requested on a college questionnaire as well as help you prepare for your letter/email introduction to targeted college programs.
If you need assistance making a video please let the staff know and we'll get the process started. It can also be beneficial and cost-effective to post a link of the video to and send the link to the coach.
The following downloads include the current Canton South Baseball Schedule. All dates are subject to change. Changes will be announced here posted upon change. 

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Below are items distributed at the meeting Monday, September 20, 2010.

Items include: team/school contact information, program guidelines and expectations, roster policy, OHSAA General Sports Regulations and OHSAA Baseball Regluations. 
If you have not received this packet and do not compete in an interscholastic sport at Canton South prior to the spring season, please be sure your checklist and signature forms are completed and returned by October 25 in order to participate in the off-season training.

Canton Local Athletics Checklist
This checklist indicates the forms that require a signature by a parent and/or student/athlete. All forms must be completed and turned in together with this page and handed in to Coach McIlvain by October 25, 2010. Fall and winter athletes will have completed the information included in this packet.
OHSAA Physical Forms
This download includes the OHSAA Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form, Physical Evaluation Form, Authorization Form, and Eligibility & Authorization Statement.

The Canton South Baseball Team would like to invite you to the 2nd Annual Meet the Team Banquet and Benefit Dinner on Thursday, March 17, 2011 from 6:00-8:30 PM at McCall's Restaurant & Banquet Center. Meet the 2011 Canton South High School baseball players and coaching staff. Head baseball coach Trent McIlvain and seniors will speak on behalf of the team, as well as a keynote speaker. Print the ticket here.
The Canton South High School Baseball Team is asking for your support. We are in the process of compiling fence sign ads, business ads and a list of patrons for the 2011 edition of the Canton South Baseball Program. The money that is generated from this project will enable the team to continue to update the baseball facilities and provide the team with equipment to compete at the highest level possible. If you wish to renew your fence sign ad and/or support the baseball program with an ad in the program or join our patrons club we would be very grateful. Click the heading for the brochure. Thank you for your continued support!
Meet the 2010 Wildcat baseball team and staff. In addition, take notice of the Canton South baseball supporters. On behalf of the Canton South baseball team and staff, we would like to thank our supporters. We couldn't do it without YOU!!! Thanks!!!
The sport of baseball is mentally challenging for young student/athletes. In result, the mental part of this game can become an hurdle to success.

The Canton South baseball staff attempts to instill self-discipline and self-awareness as a technique of preparation and peak performance. An initiative for the 2011 season is to provide student/athletes involved in baseball with multiple resources for success and to develop proper prospective to succeed in baseball and life.

Psychology in baseball: Heroes are human
This article, retreived from 8/23/09, talks about the grind of baseball season. It focuses on dealing with failure and preparing for success. "Focus on the good, forget the bad." --John Smoltz, MLB Pitcher
Raking Pena
The attached article, retreived from 8/23/09, talks about consistency in approach. The ups and downs of the game of baseball are what create hot streaks and destroy them, in turn creating slumps. As a team we talk about winning the next pitch, not becoming invested in the past and maintaining a consistent approach or the "even keel".
An initiative of the Canton South baseball staff for the 2011 season is to inform student/athletes about the correlation of good nutritional habits and peak performance.

Proper diet, exercise and rest are major determinants to success in athletics and academics. Making smart food choices pre- and post-game are vital to preparation, performance and recovery. In addition, many athletes try to gain weight through the high school years, therefore information about gaining weight healthfully is very important.

Chocolate Milk Named Official Drink of the OHSAA
Chocolate milk is ideal beverage for student/athletes.
Refueling after exercise
This article explains the important of refueling the body after workouts, practices and game. It also provide easy-to-make and easy-to-pack meals.
How to gain weight healthfully (page 2)
Many high school student/athletes want to gain muscle mass and weight. This article gives underweight athletes 6 keys to gaining weight healthfully. 5 of these 6 keys are often overlooked. Check it out!
High-Carbohydrate, Low-Fat Meals
As the "How to gain weight healthfully" article revealed, many underweight athletes tend to lean on protein to gain weight and overlook carbohydrates. Athletes need carbohydrates to perform and need more to gain weight. This download gives some good examples of high-carbohydrate, low-fat meals.
Carbohydrates and Athletic Performance
Getting early fatigue during workouts, practices or games? Read this.
Recommendations for Sports Food Use Before, During and After Exercise
This list gives recommendations on foods or drinks to and NOT to use before, during and after workouts, practices or games.
Increasing Amounts of Carbohydrate in Pre-Exercise Meals
This download gives great ways to increase carbohydrate before workouts, practices or contests.
Nutrient Composition of Sports and Candy Bars
This download displays a comparison of the nutrient composition of sports and candy bars. There is a noticeable difference! One thing we have to remember is that high fat foods tend to slow us down!
Common Solid and Liquid Foods for the Pre-Exercise Meal
This gives a list of solid and liquids foods to eat before exercise. Notice, there are NO carbonated drinks of benefit, i.e., Red Bull, Monster, 5 hour Energy.
Smart Food Choices at Fast Food Restaurants
Unfortunately, eating fast food has become a part of our culture and sometimes we have to, for one reason or another, eat fast food. This download gives us some smart choices to make if we do eat fast food.
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