Board of Education


Canton Local Schools depend upon the active involvement of citizens working with teachers, school administrators, and Board members to provide quality education for Canton Local students.  We encourage you to take an active role in school affairs, which includes attending meetings of the Board of Education.

Meeting Dates/Location

The board meetings are held at the Administration Center and school sites at 7:00 p.m., the second Monday of each month (except as noted*).  

*January  8  - Canton South High School
February  12 - Canton South High School
March  12  - Canton South High School
April  9 -  Faircrest Middle School
May  14 - Canton South High School
June  11  - Canton South High School
July  9 - Canton South High School
August  20 - Canton South High School
September 10  - Canton South High School
*October  15 - Multi-County Juvenile Attention Center
*November  19  - Walker Elementary
December  10 - Canton South High School

All action of the Board takes place in public session.  However, the Board may adjourn to an executive session, in accordance with Ohio's open meeting law, to discuss personnel matters, land purchases, negotiations, pending court action, security arrangements, and confidential records. Any action resulting from the discussion in the executive session must be made during a public session of the Board.

Hearing of the Public Information
Although state law does not require boards of education to set aside time for public comment, the board recognizes the value of public input on educational issues and has adopted Bylaw O169.01, effective 7/18/11, to provide for public comments

Board Representation - Retain membership on the following committees:

  • Athletic Board Representative - Scott Hamilton, Rick Knight
  • Career Technical Board Representative - David Brothers
  • Loan Foundation Board Representative - David Brothers
  • Legislative Liaison Board Representative – Rick Knight
  • Facilities Representatives – Chris Cole, Scott Hamilton
  • Curriculum & Program Representatives – Scott Shaffer, David Brothers
  • Finance & Audit Representatives – Scott Hamilton, Scott Shaffer
  • OSBA Delegate  - Chris Cole, Alternate – David Brothers
  • Student Representative to Board Committee – Chris Cole

Board Members