2014 Board of Education

Dave Brothers - President
Term 2014-2018
Email dave.brothers@cantonlocal.org 
Phone  330-484-8019 ext. 731

Scott Hamilton - Vice President
Term 2014-2018
Email scott.hamilton@cantonlocal.org
Phone  330-484-8019 ext. 730
Rick Knight - Member
Appointed September 9, 2013 to complete
John Mariol's Term 2011-2015
Phone  330-484-8019 ext. 732
Christine Scarpino - Member
Term 2014-2018
Phone  330-484-8019 ext. 733
Appointed June 16, 2014 to complete
John Martin's Term 2011-2015 
Email dianne.williams@cantonlocal.org
330-484-8019 ext. 734
Archived Minutes
Board Policies
Meeting Dates/Location
The board meetings are held at the Administration Center and school sites at 7:00 p.m., the second Monday of each month (except as noted*). 
January  12  Administration Center
February  9  Administration Center
March  9  Canton South High School
April  27  Faircrest Middle School *Date changed*
May  11  Faircrest Middle School
June  8  Administration Center
July  13*  Administration Center
August  10  Administration Center
September  14  Administration Center
*October  19  Multi County Attention Center
 *November  16  Walker Elementary
December  14  Administration Center
Hearing of the Public Information

Hearing of the Public Form
Although state law does not require boards of education to set aside time for public comment, the board recognizes the value of public input on educational issues and has adopted Bylaw O169.01, effective 7/18/11, to provide for public comments.
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