"PAWS"itive Prevention


"PAWS"itive Prevention is the bully prevention program in Canton Local Schools.  Bullying is taken seriously at here and much effort is made to prevent it through preventative education.  Students watch videos, discuss bullying, and take surveys throughout the year to highlight the effects of bullying and how to take a stand. All students deserve to be treated with respect and it takes a school-wide effort involving students, teachers, parents, and the community to assure students are respected and safe.  If you or another student is being bullied, please report the situation to an adult.  Take the time to
view the bully prevention resources below and contact Mrs. Whitehouse or Mrs. Rauckhorst if you have any questions.

To report bullying

1. Tell a teacher
2. Complete an online report through Public School Works
3. Request an Appointment with a School Counselor

Bully Prevention Videos


"PAWS"itive Prevention Survey

Please click on the link below that corresponds with your grade.  Be honest as you answer the survey.  All answers are kept anonymous and will not be linked to you.  If you have any questions during the survey, ask your teacher.  See Mrs. Whitehouse or Mrs. Rauckhorst if you feel uncomfortable after taking the survey.
5th Grade Surveys
6th Grade Surveys
7th Grade Surveys
8th Grade Surveys
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